2017 Volvo S60

Over here at Jav’s Auto we are very favorable of Volvos and the direction they have went in the past few years is awesome. There new body designs and styling has changed for the better and is very attractive. The front big opening grills kind of remind me of the newer Mercedes grills. They’re both nice luxury vehicles and perform very well. Volvos with their turbocharged engines have always been fun to drive.

The 2017 S60 model though has quite a bit of different options in power. There’s the T5 Dynamic that comes with a 2.0 turbocharged inline four cylinder engine and then there is the T6 R Platinum which features some performance upgrades to give it a little more power than the T5 trim.

The T5 has 240 hp at 5600 rpm and 258 tq at 1500 rpm. So that’s enough to zip through traffic and get up when you need to. Volvos are known to have good torque and get up real quick off the line and the 2017 S60 is no exception. It is front wheel drive like the other S60’s and has ABS and driveline traction control but there is a T5 Dynamic trim that also comes with all wheel drive so both options are there. We would go with the all wheel drive version because it’s just $2k more and all wheel drive is just better than front wheel drive to us.

An 8 speed Geartronic with overdrive transmission powers the driveline and it responds pretty well while transporting the power to the wheels. There’s an LCD monitor in the dash which seems to be the norm in all modern vehicles and it also has front and rear fog lights like many Volvos before it.

One of the cool things I like about it is how it comes with 18 inch wheels already. On my Volvo C70 I purchased a few years ago I didn’t like the small 15 inch rims it came with so I purchased some Giovanni wheels that were $3k total but they look awesome.

The T6 R Platinum version comes with 302 hp at 5700 rpm and 295 tq at 2100 rpm so it’s a lot faster than the T5 version. The torque is enough to slap you back in your seat until you let off the accelerator. Coming with 19 inch silver wheels constructed from aluminum as well, this car is just overall attractive in any trim. With Instant Traction and all wheel drive you can rest assured that the car will keep its rubber and power planted on the asphalt.

A cool feature in this Volvo is the rain sensing windshield wipers. They come on as soon as drops start to land on the car. A very neat little feature.

Volvo has always been a step ahead in safety technology and technology in general so the 2017 Volvo S60 is no exception. The car is fast, attractive, and is properly priced with the T5 versions MSRP price at $33,950 – $35,950 and the T6 version MSRP price at $47,400.

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