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A Good Rim Wax For Chrome Rims

A Rim Wax That Works

There’s way too many options out there for rim wax. I have some Giovanna Genoa rims on my Volvo C70 Turbo and keeping them nice and shiny is something I enjoy doing. I have tried a few different wheel waxes to keep them nice and shiny but the one that has worked the best is the Turtle Wax Chrome Polish.

It comes in a small bottle, about 12 oz. to be exact but this stuff is just like regular car wax. It comes in a thick paste like texture. You use an applicator to smooth it on your rims and then let it sit for a few minutes to get a nice haze. I usually apply it to two wheels and then once I’m done applying it to the second wheel, I go back and wipe off the first wheel with a microfiber cloth. This leaves a nice shiny gloss finish on your chrome rims.

I used to make it a habit to do this about once every two weeks but in between long drives I would use a microfiber cloth I had lying around my trunk to clean off any dust or dirt. Since the rim wax creates a nice layer of protection, the dust usually wipes right off like nothing. I haven’t tested how long it does this but I know it’s lasted at least two weeks several times. I drive through five cities weekly, sometimes more than once a week, and since I live in a dustier area near farms you would expect them to get super dusty.

Of all the other brands of rim wax I have used, there was Mother’s Mag and Aluminum Polish, FW1 Wash and Wax Waterless Polish, and Armor All Wheel Protectant, none have lasted as long as this one by Turtle Wax.

turtle wax chrome polish

In the above image, you can see the results of one of my weekend cleanings and polishing of my rims with the Turtle Wax rim wax. The results always stand out even more when I use some Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel.

The rims are $3,000 so I feel keeping them clean is a must and will help with resale value in the case I ever want to sell them. Not only that, if you spent that much on wheels, wouldn’t you want to make sure they last and stay clean? Neglecting chrome rims leads to marks and pitting of the wheels so I already knew this when I got them. I didn’t mind because I enjoy cleaning my cars every weekend or so.

From the many reviews I have read online about this rim wax, I haven’t really seen many negative reviews. I assume that in the cases there were negative reviews, it most likely had something to do with applying the wax wrong. Even though applying wax is pretty straightforward, sometimes the material of the rim, the applicator used, or other mistakes are what lead to bad results.

For example, to apply the wax you want to use a microfiber cloth that won’t scratch the surfaces. You also want to use a separate cloth when wiping off the wax to avoid any problems with marks or other blemishes.

My overall results with this rim wax are very positive. I have actually been using the product for a few years now and it has never once let me down. Even though I wax my rims about every two weeks, I still have the same bottle I bought a year ago. Not bad I guess. The most costly part of doing this so often is the microfiber cloths but even those are super cheap. I get them for about .50 cents each and have compiled a great big pile of them. So many that now I just wash them every two weeks and throw them back in the car or in my garage so I’m all set for the next waxing.

If you want to see more information for this rim wax, click here and start enjoying the benefits of Turtle Wax Chrome Polish too. 

3 thoughts on “A Good Rim Wax For Chrome Rims”

    1. Thanks. They are actually Giovanna Genoa 18×9 wheels. Too much $ if you ask me. They are pretty heavy too. I think I am going to switch them for something lighter soon. The wax really works great on them. I’ve been using it for a long time now and the bottle usually lasts me about a whole year or so. I wash the rims every weekend and whenever I’m just hanging out by the car I just wipe them down real quick to get the layer of dust off. This wax leaves a layer of protection on the rims for a little while so all you have to do is just wipe off the dust real quick. I wax the rims about once a month, sometimes twice and that’s it. Just depends on the weather. It’s a great product for sure.

  1. Nice rims man. I’ve used that same wax before too. I sometimes use the Mother’s Wheel cleaner too. Both of these work good on chrome rims.

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