Custom Exhaust On The Volvo After A Cracked Downpipe
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Custom Exhaust On The Volvo C70 LPT

The 70 Was Super Loud So I Got A Full Custom Exhaust Put On

My Volvo C70 has been driving great again lately but just a few days ago, I had a setback. I was driving and noticed that the exhaust was getting pretty loud. I just figured the muffler was starting to give out because it just hit 115k miles.

Before this I had a weird rattling under the shifter on the car and thought maybe something might have been wrong with the axle because I just replaced the driver’s side axle a few weeks ago. When the exhaust started to get louder, that’s when the rattling went away so I figured the exhaust was done for. I took the car to a shop and this is what we found:

The downpipe had completely separated from the flange off the turbo and was just hanging. This was the reason for the loud and noisy exhaust. I still wanted to find the cause for this and the shop showed me that the hanger for the muffler had broken and since this Volvo has a big suitcase like muffler, it pulled on the downpipe until it just finally broke. The welds must not have been that good from the get go for it to do this easily. Anyways, we talked and I decided on a brand new custom exhaust.

Since I couldn’t find a angled flange 3 inch downpipe for the car, I asked the shop to do this as well when doing my custom exhaust. They told me it could take a little longer since the position of the downpipe and the area is pretty tight so they asked me to come back the next day and earlier so they could get it done.

The next day I dropped it off at the shop and went to hang out with a good buddy of mine in his Infinity Q50TT. His car has a nice exhaust setup too. Some bigger downpipes and high flow cats that make it sound mean.

When I was at the shop the second day, we discussed my options more in detail and the options I went with were a full 3 inch custom downpipe with a performance high flow 3 inch diameter catalytic converter, to a 3 inch catback exhaust with no resonator or muffler. The price was actually pretty good too. Especially when you consider that most exhausts for this car run upwards of $500 and some are even twice the price for just a performance downpipe.

After the install I showed up back at the shop and was amazed at the sound. It sounded like a muscle car with a turbo. Even the workers at the shop were surprised how it sounded. They said they’ve never seen this type of Volvo before too and that it sounded better than they thought it would. I liked the custom exhaust note a lot.

In the end, I was satisfied with them and the owner was a pleasure to work with and talk to about cars. He’s very smart and had some great ideas and tips for me. Here’s the shop info below:

TMT The shop that did my exhaust is in Mesa, AZ and can do some great exhaust work.


Here’s a sound clip of my exhaust after I left the shop. My buddy in his Q50TT was filming with his iPhone while driving next to me.

5 thoughts on “Custom Exhaust On The Volvo C70 LPT”

  1. Man that sucks! How does that even happen?! I guess it ended up being a good thing because you were able to get a full exhaust done after. What’s up with your friend’s Q50TT? Those are fast cars, can we see more info on that? LOL Cool blog by the way man. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks for reading Jason. Yes I can feature some more stuff on my friends Q50TT when I get a chance. It was an unfortunate situation for the exhaust to mess up but like you said, it ended up with better results as I was able to get a full custom exhaust done.

    1. Hey Larry, yes I searched for awhile and kept finding exhaust kits that had 3 inch downpipes but went to 2 1/2 from the cat back and I didn’t want that so I just had a shop custom make mine. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time and since the downpipe messed up it was the perfect timing to have it done. It ended up being less than most exhausts that are available for this car on the market so I was happy. Before this I had searched for the angled flange downpipes forever but every time one came available it was sold within minutes. Going the custom route was better because I was able to pick and choose what I did and didn’t want. One thing I did notice though, is my check engine light comes on every now and then because of the performance cat I have installed. I guess I’ll have to get a o2 spacer to clear that up for emissions but I don’t know cuz it doesn’t always come on. Either way, I’m satisfied with the results.

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