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Detailed The Volvo C70

Where I live there is always dust and dirt flying around, but I guess that’s almost anywhere you go. I was looking at the Volvo and noticed how dirty she has been. I also noticed how dirty the engine bay has been. Not only have I noticed but so have several of my friends, after looking at all the recent things I have been doing to the car. Since there is a bunch of new shiny parts under the hood, I figured it was a nice day to detail the engine and give her a nice wash.

I washed the car off with the help of my four year old daughter and then waited a little while to get started on the engine. I didn’t have any of the Gunk Engine Cleaner that I usually use so I settled for some Simple Green and some Awesome, which is available at the dollar store. With the awesome you use it straight, no diluting.

I sprayed off the engine to get it wet, and then I got my cleaning brush, which I also purchased at the dollar store near me, and started to work the cleaning chemicals into the dirtier parts of the engine. Before I go any further, I also put a plastic bag around my blow off valve and my intake filter.

Once this was done, I then rinsed it off again and then used the brush to clean up some other spots that needed more attention.

After this was done and the plastic parts of the engine bay were dried, I then used some Armor All protectant wipes to shine up the dull plastic. The end result was way better than it looked before but I think I am going to look at buying a complete engine detailing kit since I plan on showing it off soon.

Here’s the before and after:

Here is the before picture of my engine bay
And here is the after







As you can clearly see there is a big difference.

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