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Installing a CS2 Lip On the Volvo

There Were No Lips For My Volvo So I Fitted A CS2 Lip From An 06 WRX And It Fits Perfect

If you’ve been following my blog you can see that I’m very much into customizing my cars and the Volvo C70 is no different. The car looks great already in it’s stock form but I wanted to add a custom front to it. I didn’t want something aggressive that would change the look and make it look like a “riced,” out type of car, but more of a mild front enhancement. I ended up coming across an idea several other Volvo owners have used to give their front ends a better look.

The idea I am talking about is the CS2, aka Chargespeed 2 Lip that is made to fit a 2006-2007 Subaru WRX STI. The fitment is almost perfect for the 70 series of Volvos so I pulled the trigger and purchased one to put on the C70.

The total cost was only about $70 +/- a few dollars but it was a great deal. I test fitted it to the 70 and it looked great and the fitment was right on.

I didn’t like the flat black color of the lip so I decided to sand it up and scuff it so the paint can grab it since it was originally super smooth. Once this was done I then painted some primer, let it dry, and then added several layers of gloss black and clear coat. I was very impressed with the end result. I am yet to install it on the car as I have been busy doing engine work and upgrading some parts. Going back and forth between the Probe and the 70 has kept me more than busy enough lately.

I will be adding another article with after pics of the install and the whole process so check back or subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of updates.

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