Installing LED Driving Lights On A Volvo
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Installing Led Driving Lights On Volvo C70

Installing LED Driving Lights To Give The Front End A More Modern Look

I’ve always liked the way some of the newer cars come with the LED driving lights. It’s a new thing that has gained a lot of popularity in the car scene and after I thought about it more and more, I decided that it was time to get to installing LED driving lights on my C70.

With the Volvo C70 it’s pretty easy compared to others, as far as installing the LED lights in the headlight bezel. This is because the glass covers come off without having to use any oven to loosen up some glue. There are some tabs on the bezels that snap and hold the glass to the assembly and they come off easily with a flat head screwdriver. So I started out by removing my headlight assemblies.

Once I was done with this I took the headlights inside and took off the glass covers. I toyed around with where to put the LED strips that I purchased. I had two 12 inch LED strips and I first thought of just using one strip on each headlight going over the top or the bottom but then I thought, since I bought two kits, I might as well put two strips on each headlight.

Installing LED driving lights is pretty simple and for the C70 it was way easier. I ended up putting the strip closer to the inner of the headlights so it would go with the curve on the top of the lights and then put another strip going across the bottom.

They held in place really good because of the 3M double sided tape that was included with the lights. Once I had them in the correct spot, it was time to put the covers back on and close them up.

I then reinstalled them onto the car. Now I had to determine where to wire them.

I decided to wire the lights for each side to the fuse under the hood that went to the correct headlight low beams. For the right side LED driving lights, I hooked up the positive wire to the fuse that goes to the right side low beam fuse, which is either 23 or 24. And then I connected the negative wire to the negative battery terminal. I did the same for the left side. Once I was done I turned my key to the on position to see how they looked and I loved it.

It gives the car a greater appearance up front and helps with making it look a little more modern since it is a new thing on all the newer cars. Installing LED driving lights is actually very simple and you can do the same for your car too.

In some cases, since several other headlight assemblies don’t let you take off the glass covers, installing LED driving lights is done by sticking the LED strips on the outside of the glass but if you choose this method, you want to make sure that the LED strips that you use are waterproof so you don’t have to buy more if they get wet.

Overall, the whole process was pretty easy and I would say this is a one or two on a scale of 1 to 5 for difficulty level.

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