Knock, Knock!

Knock, Knock!

Took the Probe out for a drive today, and noticed a weird knocking sound coming from the engine. I was going to fill up the tank so I stopped a filled her up, and when doing this I checked the oil and everything on the engine. Everything looked fine.

I drive the car back to get home and notice it’s getting worse and more rapid while the engine speed increases. Then it turned into a harder knocking sound. Got out and looked at the engine, it’s coming from the valve cover near the timing belt. Since I haven’t done the timing belt on the car the whole time I’ve owned it I was thinking it might have something to do with this or it might be a loose rocker arm.

As I drove it home the rest of the way the noise started to turn into a rattle like something was loose under the valve cover. This made me think it might be something in the valve cover coming loose or breaking like a spring or retainers.

I haven’t taken the car apart yet but will be doing so this weekend. I’ll be posting an update when I get to it.

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