Lucas Stop Slip Transmission Fix

Lucas Transmission Fix…..Worth It or Not??

Transmission problems are one of the worst and expensive problems to have when it comes to maintaining our cars. I’ve had my share of tranny problems (LOL) and they weren’t fun. Some can be remedied with some over the counter additives while others require major expensive repairs. I want to share my experiences with this Lucas Transmission Fix fluid.

I first stumbled across this product after I purchased a used car a few years back. When I drove the car, I didn’t notice the tranny having slipping issues at first but after about a month of daily driving I started to feel it. A friend that was riding with me in the car also noticed it and mentioned it as well. After a few days of driving the car and paying closer attention to the transmission while shifting, I actually did notice that it was slipping and was also shifting hard into each gear. This was especially noticeable when the car was still warming up. I talked to a friend who was a more experienced mechanic at the time. He recommended this product to me and said it’s worked for him several times before.

I took a trip to my local auto parts store and found it for about roughly $10 a bottle. The bottle was 24 oz. which was probably more than I needed so I figured it was a good investment if it worked.

I went home and immediately checked the transmission fluid level and also checked to make sure it wasn’t burnt smelling or dark black. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t exactly bright red also. So I took some of the old fluid out since it was at the right amount. I then added the same amount of Lucas Transmission Fix with a funnel that had a hose attached to it so it would fit in the transmission fluid dipstick. I waited a few minutes and then started the car. Let it run for a few minutes, then made sure I was on an even leveled area and checked the fluid again. The level was right so I took the car for a spin. I still had a little bit of slipping for the first 35 miles but after that the slipping completely went away. I mean completely.

This product seems to have worked but the weird thing that I noticed is that now when I drive my car, it shifts fast. I mean superfast. I’ll drive the car and the engine will roar and then shift into the next gear faster than any car I have ever owned. I don’t know if this is normal for this car but I was really surprised. I’ve even told several of my friends about it and they noticed it while I was driving and said the same thing. The shifting between gears is almost immediate. I have never, ever, owned a car that shifted this fast. I actually flushed the car’s tranny fluid since and added a half a bottle of this Lucas Transmission Fix to the fluid to help keep the tranny in good shape and it has really tripped me out. I still don’t know if the fast shifting is something normal on the car but I have asked others on Facebook pages and forum sites and I get mixed answers.

I’ve put about three thousand miles on the car since I changed the fluid and added the transmission fix fluid to it and it has still ran excellent. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to these additives and other “special” fluids that claim to do wonders but I have to admit that this one really delivered on its promise.

I’ve had another car that was having a problem with a tranny shift solenoid that was getting stuck open. I figured maybe some of this transmission fix would work to fix it. I added about half a bottle to the transmission fluid and the problem went away for about a thousand miles then came right back.

So with both of these experiences in mind, it seems like it’s a hit or miss with this stuff. It might work for some cars but it might not work for others. It also depends on the issue that is going on. The car that this fluid worked on was a Ford and the car it didn’t work on was a foreign car, a Volvo. After noticing this issue with the Volvo, it ended up coming to my attention that the solenoid messing up in the tranny is a somewhat common issue. I cleared the check engine light with a bluetooth OBDII reader and the car drives and shifts fine but after a thousand miles, the check engine light came back on and the car started having the same issue. So my conclusion on the Volvo was that it must be something electronic, whether it’s the harness for the solenoid being corroded or some wires not having a good connection. The code it was giving me was for the TCC solenoid not getting a signal. I guess this was one of those issues that the transmission fix fluid couldn’t fix.

So if your car is just shifting weird and isn’t actually toast, trying this fluid is worth a shot. It could save you from having to spend big money on a major transmission repair, or it could save you some time while you save to get the issue fixed from a dealer.

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