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Making Custom Volvo Headlights

Adding Some Style To The Project C70 By Making Custom Volvo Headlights

Custom Volvo Headlights
This was the original headlight lens. It was cracked from a shopping cart hitting it.

So the Project C70 had a bad incident with a shopping cart several months ago. I was inside of a local store and when I came out, I found a shopping cart leaning against the headlight and the lens was cracked. If you know about Volvo headlights then you know that there are two types of the 70 series lights. There is the normal ones with the foggish like lens and then there are the jewels which are the ones that are crystal clear. Mine are the jewels and they cost a lot more to replace than the normal headlights.

Since I couldn’t find any good deals on just the glass alone, I found someone on Facebook who had the driver’s side whole headlight assembly for sale at a great price. I immediately jumped on it. I knew it would be perfect to do my custom Volvo headlights.

Once I received them I took the lens off the headlights (below image) so I can get everything ready to install onto my headlight assembly that was on the car still.

custom Volvo headlights with lens off
After taking off the lens from the new assembly I received from a fellow Volvo Facebook buddy

After I took off the lens from the new headlight assembly, I checked out the inside bezel. It was a plastic with a chrome paint to it. I wanted to add some cool black bezels to it so I took the bezel out.

The above image is what the bezel looks like after I took it out of the assembly. To make custom Volvo headlights, people usually paint these themselves but I took a different approach. I started to sand them with some rough sandpaper and when doing so I noticed that under the chrome was a nice black color. So I finished with some super smooth grit sandpaper and once it looked good I got it ready to install.

custom Volvo headlights black bezel
The inside bezel of the Volvo’s headlights after sanding the chrome off

After I was content with how the bezel looked, I got it ready to install on the original headlight assembly that was still on the car. It’s a pretty easy process to take out the whole headlight assembly from the car. It was just three 10mm bolts and a tab that you have to press down to slide the turn signals off. Once I was finished with this I took the original assembly and took out the bezel that was inside and switched it with the new one that I sanded black. I then put the new glass cover on.

How the bezel looks after installing the lens back on

I did the same thing to the passenger side and I have to say it was pretty easy doing my own custom Volvo headlights. The finished product looks a hell of a lot better and makes the front end look a lot better. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t paint the turn signals because the lens doesn’t come off as easy on those. During the process of taking the headlight assemblies out though, I did accidentally knock off the lens on the turn signal for the driver’s side. It needs to be glued back on and I wanted to paint it black too but I didn’t want to risk painting it and not being able to do the passenger’s side turn signal. I guess the only option is to get a heat gun and heat up the glue around the turn signal housing to loosen the glue and take off the covers. Then I can paint the insides, and heat the glue again to put the covers back on. I am going to wait on doing this because I don’t have a heat gun right now but maybe a blow dryer will work. Hmmmm. Anyways, here is the finished look of the front of the Project C70 with the black bezels in the headlights.

Painted black Volvo c70 headlights


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