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New Brakes and Rotors On The Probe

I had the chance to take advantage of a good deal on some slotted and drilled rotors for the probe along with some carbon metallic brake pads. I found the deal on Amazon and I already needed new rotors so I decided what the heck?

I got two new front rotors and the set of brake pads in a complete package. The rotors are from a company called Max Brakes and they are on the cheaper side, in price anyways, but the quality is actually very great. They perform nothing like you would expect for how much they cost.

One thing I noticed, and my cousin mentioned it to me before too, is that carbon metallic brakes last a lot longer but they do take a little time to get warm and start “biting.” Once this is done they are great stoppers. I mean great. I’ve had them on for awhile now and haven’t had any issues.

When I first got them I didn’t want to just put them on as is, so I painted the hats of the rotors with some good hi heat paint but Rustoleum 2x paint works well enough too. I know because I’ve done it before using that paint and it works on almost anything. I love the look and I think they’ll look even better once I get some new rims for the car and you can really see them more.

My next plan right now for the Probe is to fix the knocking issue, as I haven’t had time because I have been focusing on the Volvo C70 and trying to get to 350-400 hp at the wheels but I will be updating some more on what’s going on with the Project Probe as soon as I get things moving for it again. For now you will probably see more posts about the 70.

One thought on “New Brakes and Rotors On The Probe”

  1. Max Brakes is good. I had some of their rotors and pads before for my Nissan and they lasted forever. I had the carbon metallic pads. I think they were on my car for about three years before I changed them. I just changed them because I was changing other things on the suspension but they were still good. It’s amazing how long they last. Anyways, just thought I would leave my two cents on here. Cool website bro.

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