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Oil Catch Cans And Modding Them To Actually Work

I Show You How To Make A Cheap Chinese Oil Catch Can Work Like The More Expensive Ones

Here’s a typical catch can usually found on eBay and Amazon but with a little modding these will work better than other higher priced ones.


Oil catch cans can be found everywhere online from simple non baffled versions to ones with several baffles and filtering elements in them. Many people opt for the ebay or Amazon ones which are about $20 and come with all the hoses and clamps needed to install. The problem with many of these is that they don’t actually filter out the oil from going back to the intake manifold or intake that good. If you do a search online for “oil catch can mods,” you will find several write ups with pics of how to make these simple non baffled ones better. We go over some ways below.


If you’re not too good with fabrication or have never really done it but you know simple math, you can actually do this pretty easy. One of the most common ways people add baffles is by getting a thin sheet of some sheet metal, which can be found at any local hardware store for relatively cheap. You’re going to use this to control where the inlet gets the cleaner gases from and where it throws the dirtier oil and gases then filters it.

You’re going to want to get some cardboard to draw up and cut a template for the inside of the catch can. Then once you’re done you will put this cardboard sheet up to the sheet metal and cut out the correct shape and insert the sheet metal template inside the can.

Oil Catch Can
Making an eBay or Amazon catch can work the right way is actually quite easy.Save money and your car by reading the article.

On the design above, it just has a tube added to the inlet barb that goes almost all the way down to the can and then has baffles in it with filtering material around it to catch the oil sludge. Then it has a sort of cap made out of sheet metal that keeps the sludge below it and lets clean filtered gases go back out of the outlet to the intake.

​As you can see there’s an area on top that is clean and has no filtering material, this is where the outlet will be drawing in the clean filtered gases. This not only lowers HC’s in emissions tests but also helps keep the intake routes cleaner in your engine, thus, producing better power and a cleaner engine.

Once you have your template ready to insert into the can, you’re going to want to set it up where you can put it in easy and take it out so you can clean it out. If you use this design in the diagram then you probably won’t really need to use any filtering material because the area that the outlet is pulling from will be seperated from the area that the inlet is putting the oil in. Some people actually JB Weld their template in the can without any filtering material and it does fine. If you want to have the baffling in permanently then don’t use any filtering material and you’ll be alright.

Several others have stated that they noticed their cars driving and feeling better after this mod but without actual tests one can only assume it’s doing that much. What you will notice though, is after a few weeks of driving with a catch can on, you will noticed the can has oil in it and will have to be cleaned out. If that’s the case then you know it’s working.

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  1. You should do this for people and sell them. I know I’d buy one shit lol I see tons of people using the cheap eBay ones and not realizing they aren’t really working because there is no baffles or filter to catch the oil like it’s supposed to. Good shit brother. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Sounds like you really know some shit about cars.

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