Probe Knocking Thoughts

So since the Probe started to knock I have been doing some extensive searching to see what the problem might be. I know that just taking the valve cover off and checking the rocker arms and lifters is a good place to start but from looking online the symptoms seem to point more towards the timing belt tensioner or one of the pulleys. I’ve sourced and compared a few prices for a timing belt kit with a new water pump and the prices vary anywhere from $78(eBay) to $350 depending on where I go. Now this is just to do it myself but if I check local shops and sites like YourMechanic.com I can have the whole job done including parts and labor for $650 which is alot.

My problem is I want to put my own kit together, well somewhat. I want to get the Gates Racing Performance Timing Belt since they are stronger and also because I’ve heard that they make a cool winding up sound. At the same time, if I do the job myself, I want to install an under drive pulley but I’m not sure because of the stories I’ve read. I’ll get into the underdrive pullies in another post later.

I can find the Gates belt for $78 online and the rest of the items might be just better to get a kit and keep the extra timing belt so I guess it’s not so much putting together my own kit.

At the same time, if I do end up doing this myself, I might as well take care of a few other things. I figured that I might as well install some adjustable cam gears and might as well make a day of the project and do the oil pan and gasket since I’ve had the gasket for awhile now. My oil pan has a few dents in it due to the car being driven while it was lowered when I had small 14 inch rims on it.

My next step if it ends up being more of a rod knock is to just get a full rebuild or buy another engine and build it myself with some forged pistons, port and polish, another valve job, port matching all manifolds, upgrading to a bigger throttle body, bigger cams, newer springs and all internals in the head as well as the lower block parts.

I will be adding a page on the site with a list of all the mods I have done as well as a price list for the parts and a list of how much money I have saved and the sources. If you have any questions then please contact me either through my Twitter account or by commenting on one of my posts.

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  1. If it’s more of a rattle and not so much a actual metal knocking sound then it is probably a stuck or shot lifter. I’d start there first because that’s the cheapest and easiest. Depends on the engine but some lifters are easy to take out and replace. I don’t recall working on one of those Probe engines before but I probably have.

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