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Project Probe Body Kit Repairs

Probe's Bumper Before Repairs
Probe’s Bumper Before Repairs

Fixing the body kit on this car has been a fun adventure. I was recently driving after it rained and there were some puddles in a local store’s parking lot near me and I didn’t notice how deep it actually was and slammed the front bumper body kit into the ground hard. Enough to crack it in several places and knock off the front turn signals. As soon as I went home I took the bumper off and got to work.

So the bumper is a Bomex duraflex kit from Extreme Dimensions and so far it has held up pretty well. This last time I slammed it into the ground was enough to crack the crap out of it in several spots and I can’t have it looking like that so I did some body work.

Repairing One Of The Cracks
Repairing One Of The Cracks

I first started off by sanding around all the cracks and filing a little to make the hole shaped more like a v. Once I did this I used some fiberglass tape on the backside and some fiberglass resin. Then once it dried I put some resin on the front and then applied some bondo body filler after it dried. In some spots I had to do a few layers before it was good enough to hide the cracks.

I originally had the base Probe front turn signals which do not fit the bumper at all so I had holes on the side of the bottom air vents to hold them in. This looked tacky and I’ve been wanting to take care of it for awhile. I filled the holes in and then purchased some Acura Integra front turn signals from the 99 Integras. They fit the Probes turn signal bulb sockets pretty good minus a minute or two of some filing the turn signals assembly.

After Primer
After Primer

Once I was done test fitting the new front turn signals I took them out and then proceeded to finish perfecting the front bumper. I finished sanding it with some real fine grit and hit it with some primer. After about two layers I started to apply some bright blue paint.

After Bodywork And Paint
After Bodywork And Paint

I installed the bumper after and it came out really nice. It really stands out now. I also did the trunk and installed the JSP America carbon fiber wing on it as well after shaving the trunk wiper and filling in the hole.


So far the car is coming out great. I just need to finish filling in the side skirts and then I can finish painting the whole car. I’m excited and can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Project Probe Body Kit Repairs”

  1. You’re in Arizona right? I’ve seen this car driving around near Mesa a few times. It looks good.The bright blue bumper and trunk caught my eye right away. I like how it sounded. Had a mean rumbling exhaust unlike most other tuners or riced out cars. Does it have a full exhaust or what’s been done to the exhaust set up? It sounds like it is more than just a muffler making that growling noise. Is it cammed? After we saw it we looked online to see what that “Signature” sticker on the window was about. I thought it was a car club but didn’t see anything about it. Keep up the good work my friend. I think it is going to look really nice when it is complete.

  2. Great job. I had my share of fixing body kits before and if they are fiberglass they are annoying. Fiberglass is one that I avoid now because it always breaks or cracks just from daily driving.

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