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Rattle Can Paint Jobs-Budget Friendly

Rattle Can Paint Jobs For Those On A Budget

With paint jobs costing over $1k it’s no wonder people are always looking for an alternative. If you’ve been active in the auto enthusiast community then you’ve probably already heard of Plasti-Dip paint jobs or even more budget friendlier, “Rattle Can Paint Jobs.”

These type of paint jobs have become more and more popular in the recent years and lots of people have had some very good results.

I actually tried it out on my Ford Probe and am in the process of doing it still. The paint that I used was some Rustolem 2X Painter’s Touch in a Satin Blue Oasis color. This color is similar to the Ford Mustang Kona Blue color you see a lot now. A nice bright light colored blue.

Some people think it’s a dumb idea but it all just depends on several instances. One of these is the preparation. If you properly prep the car before applying the paint you will come out with a very nice rattle can paint job that will last a good while.

So how do you properly prep the car? Well you first want to make sure to take off any contaminants with a good degreaser. Once this is done, then you want to start sanding. You don’t want to do this in the reverse order because if you sand contaminants before cleaning, you’re just sanding the bad stuff into the car. This will only cause problems in the long run.

Once you have sanded and have a nice smooth texture without any dents or blemishes, then you want to apply the primer and paints. I started off with some gray Rustoleum 2X Primer. I used about two cans on my front bumper alone and then a whole can of the actual paint on top of that. The outcome was very nice as you may have seen on my earlier posts of the Probe Project.

Once the paint is on nice and good and you have gave it time to dry and cure, your next step is to apply some clear coat if you want it to shine. After you have done this, if you want it to have a smooth texture or just noticed some imperfections, then go ahead and wet sand it with some 2000 grit or higher sand paper. This will also help with the gloss on the paint job.

The Rustoleum 2X is the paint I recommend for rattle can paint jobs because it works good on several applications. Over the past few years I have used it to paint sunglasses, car parts, plastic engine covers, gun receivers, engine mounts, radiator mounts, brake rotor hats, brake drums, and several other things. In all of these experiences the results were way better than I expected.

With that said, this is one of the best, if not the best, paints to use for doing rattle can paint jobs. I have personal experience and can definitely approve.

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9 thoughts on “Rattle Can Paint Jobs-Budget Friendly”

  1. There has been some good tutorials all over the net about this. From what I have read the preparation is what makes a big differnce and the paint. The paint you have in the picture is one I see people recommending the most. The other is the same brand but in the big can instead of a spray. I think the spray would be my choice over the can because everyone isn’t that good with a paint gun. I want to try this on my Accord. It looks like s*** right now because it was primered three years ago. I can’t afford a fancy paint job.The car is 15 years old anyways. Youre instructions are pretty straigthforward and I like that. You get straight to the point. Thank you. Cool blog by the way.

    1. Thank you Jose. Yes it is what you stated, preparation is what is going to determine how good the final paint job comes out. This is a great alternative to an expensive paint job but when you consider the total cost of prepping and materials, it can get up to about $100+ but that is still cheaper than paying a shop $1000+ It’s also not going to come out as good as an expensive paint job but it will still look better than having some old beat up paint. The amount of time it will take to do the whole job is something to consider too. In the end it comes down to how much is your time worth? You know what I mean?

  2. Interesting info on this article.I have seen people use spray paint for their car’s years ago and it wasn’t too good.I think that spray paint has improved alot more since I first saw people doing things like this and we now see people having great looking paint on their cars.I found this article on Google searching for ideas for spray painting a friend’s car and I am glad that I came across this one.Your site has good information on it.

    1. Thanks for reading B.F. and yes spray paint has improved a lot over the years. I don’t know how long ago it was when you first seen someone doing this but there are loads of different brands and types of paint available out there now that you can use. I recommend the Rustoleum 2x paint because I have used it on several things and it has given me better results than many others that are out there. It is also not too bad in price. It’s about $3.88/can out here in Arizona and a smaller car like my Probe or C70 shouldn’t take more than about 12 cans or so, depending on how many layers you are using. So that would be about 3.88 x 12=$46.56+tax so about $50 and then with prep materials, depending on where you go and what you get, could very well be under $100 or a little more. It’s a great way to save money and have a car with one color while saving money at the same time.

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  4. I had to comment on this. I have used spray paint to paint a car before. It turned out very good too. I was only supposed to do a touchup on a faded fender but I liked it so much that I painted the whole car. I used the Rustoleum spray paint but it wasn’t the same one that you mentioned in this article. I think it was just their regular enamel paint. It was a thicker paint too. A friend of mine did the same to his car about a year ago and used the paint that you are talking about and I couldn’t believe it. It came out nice. So far he has only had to touch it up once but that was because he hit a cat or something. Bummer but it has held up very good.

  5. Rattle Can Paint Jobs are actually a lot better than they ever were now. I have went to car shows where people used spray pant cans to paint their cars too and I was surprised. Things have actually changed a lot.

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