sodium silicate head gasket fix

Sodium Silicate-A Secret Head Gasket Fix

Sodium Silicate Is An Old Solution For A Quick Head Gasket Fix

Having a blown head gasket is annoying and can be a big game changer. You start to look at possible repair costs and end up freaking out because a lot of times, the job is more costly than the value of the car that needs it. There’s a trick that several people don’t know about though.

Sodium silicate, also known as liquid glass, is a great solution for a quick head gasket fix. It comes in a liquid form and once it is used in your car’s cooling system, can seal up blown head gaskets permanently.

How is it used?

It is best to do a full flush to your car’s cooling system before using the sodium silicate for your head gasket fix. This is important because you want to flush out any of the old antifreeze or gunk that is in there. The liquid glass won’t work good or bond if there is any antifreeze left in the system.

Once it is flushed out, to do the head gasket fix, you want to bypass the heater hoses. I’ve seen lots of people get a pipe that goes in between the heater hoses so they just recirculate instead of actually running through the heater core. You don’t want your heater core to get plugged up.

After this, get the sodium silicate and mix it with some water in your radiator or upper radiator hose. Turn the car on and let it idle for a few minutes. This will circulate the sodium silicate through the system and will help it get to the damaged head gasket.

Once the liquid glass hits a spot such as head gasket leaks, or engine block cracks, it starts to dry and harden. This seals the leaks permanently.

I originally heard about it while looking around to see how much someone would charge to do the head gasket fix on my Ford Expedition but one of the mechanics told me to give this a try. He said it worked for him plenty of times and the seal lasted longer than he owned any of the cars.

I thought this might be a good idea since a head gasket fix is going to cost me about $1200-$2500 and the sodium silicate costs about $40 for a 32 oz. container.

I have ordered the 32 oz. container from eBay a few days ago and am waiting to get it so I can try it out on my truck. I will be posting a YouTube video to show my results and will share it here. In the meantime, if you have a head gasket that you think might be going bad, maybe give the sodium silicate head gasket fix a try.


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