torco race fuel in the volvo

Torco Race Fuel In The Volvo

I Put Some Torco Race Fuel In The Volvo To See If I Noticed Any Differences In Performance. I Was A Little Surprised.

I found out a few days ago that there was a Torco Race Fuels near my house so I figured I would try to add some to the Volvo to see how it does with it. I already put 91 octane in the Volvo all the time and I heard from a few other Volvo owners on forums, that they respond well to higher octanes.

I went to Torco Race Fuels in Apache Junction and put a few gallons of 100 octane in my tank. The ratio that I mixed it with 91 octane gave it a total of 98 octane. I drove her around for a few miles and didn’t notice any differences but then I reset my ecu and waited a few hours to drive again. It was then, that I noticed a difference.

I use the Torque app on my tablet on the dashboard to monitor a/f ratios and other important aspects of the car. Before I used the higher octane I was always at a 14.7:1 a/f ratio but after adding the higher octane fuel, I was ranging from 12.7:1 to 15:1 a/f ratios. Now 12.7 is a little rich but it’s a lot better than running too lean and blowing things up. I raised the boost just a little with this higher octane since it allows more timing and is better at fighting knocks and pings.

Once the higher octane was reaching the injectors I noticed a great difference in acceleration. The car also sounded a little meaner. My exhaust note changed slightly but I was more impressed with how easier it was off the line. The car was chirping in first easily and then when it shifted into 2nd it was chirping too. I noticed that the boost was building a little faster too. As soon as the turbo was spooled, the car would throw me back more than it usually does.

My conclusion with the Torco Race Fuels 100 octane fuel is that this stuff works great and the Volvo responded pretty good to it.  The cost was $9/gallon for the 100 octane Torco Race Fuel and they have several higher octane fuels as well. I might try a higher octane next but at the price, it’ll probably be something that will be used on track days instead of daily driving.


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