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Track Day With The Volvo C70

I Took The Volvo To The Track This Friday 

I’ve done quite a few things to the Volvo C70 and there’s no doubt I could tell there’s been some improvements but after I went to the track I was a little disappointed. The reasons are due to my driving, not how the car performed, well as a result of my driving the way the car performed.

So this Friday they had an event at the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park. It was Drag Night. There were several muscle cars and drag cars all around. I wanted to see what my quarter mile was because I am planning on doing some major mods in the near future as you might have read already if you follow the blog.

For my first run I went up against a 2007 body style Mustang. The thing sounded mean like my 70. I had a good reaction time but where I messed up was during shifting from 1st gear. My C70 is an automagic (automatic) but it still has 5 speeds. It goes from L to 3, then 4, then Drive. Well what I did wrong was launch in L and then once I redlined I shifted into 3. What I should have done was let the car shift from 1st to second while it was in L and then shift to 3 after it goes through 2nd. So in short I skipped second and went from 1st to 3rd. Because I did this, my car was out of it’s powerband in 3rd gear and the turbo slowed down then had to catch up again. This caused some lag of course. The result of this was me running 16s in the quarter. This is definitely wrong because my slow Ford Probe runs a 16 in the quarter mile and the Volvo is way faster than it.

I will be going back to the track to race again and shift it right but overall it was a great learning experience for me. A buddy of mine went in his Q50 and ran a 12.9 which was his first time landing in the 12s so that was exciting. I was happy for him. He kept running in the low 13s but for his last run, he took the covers off of his airboxes on his intake and ran like that. I don’t know if that’s what did it but he got in the high 12s. That was awesome to watch.

In the video below you can see that once I shifted from 1st to 3rd the Mustang pulled on me and got a 2 second lead. During the race I was wondering why the car felt sluggish after 1st gear too. I just figured I had heatsoak on my intercooler or something but I realized it later when talking to another Volvo friend, that I shifted it wrong. He told me he did the same thing before too. It’s because we are used to four speed automatic cars. Oh well, I guess you live and learn. Here is the video from the run where I ran 16s:

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