Updates Coming Soon Guys!

I know it’s been awhile since I last updated what has been going on with my projects but I have a baby boy on the way right now and have been prepping for his arrival. Since the last update I have done several things to the Volvo.

I recently installed some new intercooler piping. I got a kit off eBay for $80 that was 2.5 inches in diameter and came with a bunch of parts for making your own intercooler piping setup. I installed the turbo to intercooler piping from the new kit so far in order to fit my HKS bov that came with a 2.5 inch tube and a fitting for the bov.

Installing the bov was easy but tuning it was a little annoying. Lots of people say not to get a bov for an MAF metered car but I followed a guide of someone who has done it before on his Volvo with no check engine codes or stalling issues, once the bov was tuned right.

I also didn’t like the way my engine covers looked but I always loved the Volvo R engine covers, so I purchased a manifold cover from the R engine and am currently in the process of painting it to match my engine bay color theme. For all ya out there saying why, well I filled in the R on the cover so… yeah.

I am waiting for the lower intercooler piping adapter that I purchased from Kristian from Snabb. It’s the plate for the IAT and map sensor that goes on the lower piping to the ETM. Once that gets here then I can go ahead and install my reverse flowing intercooler piping which will shorten the piping altogether and help with a faster spool up.

The car is coming along very nicely and I have some more plans on the way. I talked to several tuners about custom tunes for my engine setup and also have a guy waiting for me to purchase the 19t turbo to help me get to my power goals. I will need new injectors too so that’s on the list.

The probe is sitting right now and I am bummed about it. I recently tried to start it and see what’s going on. I took off the valve cover in hopes of finding the problem for the knocking under the valve cover but didn’t see anything loose or any problems with the lifters. It was rebuilt less than 6k miles ago so I am pissed. I might have to get a new engine because I think the rods are shot. Sounds like rod knock but we’ll see. So for now the Probe is on hold but the Volvo project C70 is moving forward. I will be back to share some pics and more details for the things I have been doing to the C70.

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